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We have more than 15 years of services experience under their toolbelts. There is no AC problem that we have not faced, and the time maintenance AC system is challenging to Dubai climate. We world base back up and booking compromises of total trained trade. There is no repair or maintenance issue that they can’t solve. We have asked a lot of different customer’s questions about the AC system. We asked our team to share all the questions they receive and answer for you. Here is everything that you want to know. You can call us or message us we will be happy to help you.

Experts recommend servicing your AC after 3 to 4 months to maintain its efficiency and cleanness. Drain lines and drips need to be cleaned and neat to avoid leakage. Electric need also is checked, and filters should cleanse that you take a breath of clean air.

You can calculate the number of AC units on your property easily. You can make counting the thermostats number of—each thermos controlled by one AC system unit.

You may have multiple system units on your property. Some are regularly using, for example, your kitchen AC and some have come in use rarely, for example, division of your guest room. It does not h how much they are using. Experts recommend taking maintenance services for both to maintain their efficiency. It is better to track your AC Servicing, can remove that dust and dirt from your unused AC unit, and electrical damage still can happen. We recommend you maintain services of both regularly in or to keep them efficient, and if you want to use them, they are ready to perform optimally and effectively.

In some cases, the Air Conditioner units for your apartment also need to be separately serviced. And all the others of the building, and it’s your responsibility to arrange. It would be best if you cleaned the dust off your apartment regularly. If you cannot do it, your apartment owner will do it for you and schedule your AC is servicing.

Most filters do not need to replace, but they do not benefit from regular cleaning. All Air conditioners have some filters. These are necessary to remove particles like dust and harmful elements from the air. In this way, these filters keep and safe you. Most regular AC servicing visits are part of cleaning filters forms.

No. Aside from minimizing operating hours and Auto turning off the system in rooms necessary. Your AC shouldn’t require any special attention. Professional technicians should regularly provide regular maintenance services because it needs dangerous potential electrical service climbing on the ceiling and roofs of apartments.

There is no confusion that the use of AC is a burden and increases your electricity bill. How less you use your AC will bring fewer bills, and this is not possible in the hot season.

If you block out heat, your ac can make cooling using less energy and maintain temperature comfortable. In this way, it will not work hard and consume less heat and reduce electricity bills. Smart thermostats are Eco-friendly and can adjust automatically according to the temperature and increase the efficiency of your Ac. It would help if you made sure that your fans are in auto mode and they shift low or are high according to the climate demands. When it’s the hottest weather, you increase thermostats by about 25/26, and it will reduce costs when you are not at home.

It is also essential to service your ac regularly and make your system effective and efficient. It will remove the dust and humidity from filters that help to consume low energy.

Yes, there are de-humidity conditioners that nature the air. If you are facing dust in your home, first check your ac system is working accurately. If your design requires service, it can cause humidity and spread dust. For example, you may not have the correct closed doors and windows. Then any cracks become the reason for moisture.

During the cold months, you are on your Ac when you feel hot. In the summer season, turn off your ac. When you leave the home that can’t increase humidity levels, reducing heat will be pretty challenging when you return home. When you use intelligent thermostats, they can automatically en reduce the level when it’s cold. It reduces the consumption of energy and reduces your electricity bills.

In the past, it suggested that leaving your ac on will reduce potential damage if you leave your ac for an extended period. We believe that if you go your AC on, keep your home cool and moisturized during the hot season.

However, we do not recommend you turn on your AC when there is no need or go on holiday. Suppose you can’t come home due to some issues and there is no one to see if any problem happens. It can cause drain blockage, gas leakage or electrical fire. If AC systems are not regularly checked can cause severe damage.

Suppose you are going somewhere for a long time, have some time to look after your home who will check humidity every week and reduce chances of significant issues. If you have no one to do this, it will be better to turn off your Ac when you are going for an extended period.

If you service your ac regularly, it will last for a long time. If you replace parts will keep your system working properly and effectively. Replacing your AC system will be costly, and parts may not be available if you do not do it regularly. It will cost you to change parts regularly.

Latest Ac systems are likely to have updated features that increase the efficiency of AC performance. New Ac may cost you a significant-high cost, but if you give regular service to your existing AC and replace necessary parts, then there is no need to change or buy a costly system.

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