why my split ac not working

Why my split AC is not cooling?

Having AC installed in your room and blowing out hot air instead of cool air is stressful. Many times you have faced the issue that your split AC is not cooling. So, we are going to discuss the problems behind AC not cooling.

There are too hot summers in many areas of the world. So, having your AC not cooling is a very bad experience. There are multiple reasons behind AC not cooling your room. It could be a technical problem or some other mistake.

Reasons Why Your Split AC is Not Cooling

Here we are going to discuss the most common reasons behind your split AC is not cooling. After reading this you will be able to find the reason why your split AC is not cooling.

1. AC Filter Problem

Ac filter cleaning

The most common reason your AC is not cooling is a problem with the AC filter. It could be that your AC filter is dirty and filled with dirt and dust. Due to which your AC is not working properly. 

Dirt in the AC filter blocks the passage of the air in the ducts of the AC. It can also block the passage of cold air from the outlets. A dirty AC filter could be the reason that your air conditioner is not cooling.

2. AC Coil Problem

Ac coil issues and cleaning

AC evaporator coils play an important role in AC cooling. So, if evaporator coils are not working properly due to dirt contamination or leakage problem, then your ac will not be able to cool your home.

With the increase in the dirt in the coil, the AC becomes less efficient and makes it difficult to blow out cool air. In this case, ac coils must be cleaned regularly.

Leakage in the AC coil can also make it harder to cool the room. As leakage can stop proper functioning of AC. So, hire a professional to check for coil leakage or any other AC issues.

3. Gas Issue

ac gas filling

Gas leakage occurs in AC due to a few reasons that cause problems with the cooling of AC. Gas leakage can occur due to corrosion in condenser pipes which reduces the cooling efficiency of AC.

So, gas leakage or low pressure of the gas can be the reason that your split AC is not cooling. You can call an expert to check that issue and solve it.

4. Compressor Issue

There are multiple reasons behind not proper working of the AC compressor. When your AC blows warm air it means that the compressor of the AC is not working properly.

Overheating is also a cause of compressor failure. When sunlight falls directly on the outside unit of AC it becomes overheated due to which it stops functioning well.

The capacitor is used to run the compressor, so problems with the capacitor can also incapacitate the compressor. Due to this your Ac will not be cooling or blowing out warm air.

5. Outdoor Fan Speed Issue

ac outdoor fan repair

Low outdoor fan speed of AC causes multiple problems. It causes heating of compressor due to which compressor trip up. Heated compressor also starts consuming more ampere.

Low outdoor fan speed can be the reason that your split AC is not cooling. It is better to change the outdoor fan of the AC to make sure that your AC works properly.

6. AC Fan Motor Problem

If your air conditioning is not working properly then it can be the reason that your AC fan motor is not working properly. A bad fan motor causes cooling fans not to turn on. It also produces noise from the condenser unit.

The fan motor can fail due to multiple reasons. Over-aging and dust blockage cause the fan motor to malfunction. Keep your AC fan motor clear to avoid issues of AC cooling.

7. Low Air Flow

Low airflow can be the reason that your AC is not cooling. It can be due to multiple reasons like clogged air filters filled with debris. Blocked and leaking air ducts also causes weak or low air flow.

You can solve this issue by cleaning the filters and ducts, fixing the leaks, and regular maintenance of your split AC by a professional AC maintenance company.

8. Remote Setting Issues

Last but not least, the reason for AC not cooling is remote setting issues. Your remote could be malfunctioned due to multiple reasons like dirt & grime on sensors, the remote being faulty, batteries being dead, improper settings of remote, etc.

So, if that is the reason, you can check the batteries, rest the settings of the remote, or check for the dirt on the sensors. Improper settings of AC remote also cause AC to not cool the home or room.

So, this was a comprehensive answer to why my split AC is not cooling. We have explained 8 different common reasons why your AC may not be cooling.

It will help you a lot in understanding exactly why your split AC is not cooling. If you want to solve any of the above problems then contact us. We have a team of expert AC technicians who know how to do their job perfectly. You can hire a professional just by calling us or filling in the contact form.

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